Water is the source of life and one of the most important material resources for human survival and development.

It plays a vital role in human nutrient delivery and toxin elimination. In recent years, water pollution incidents have occurred frequently. Among them, the pollution of “heavy metal wastewater” is particularly serious, and there are many potential safety hazards in the bottled water we often drink. Drinking water containing impurities and pollutants for a long time can have an immeasurable effect on the body!

Among them, there are five toxins that are most harmful to the human body: lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, and cadmium. The degree of harm varies, and the skin is dull, abnormal keratinization, numbness of the limbs, and increased incidence of kidney disease and cancer, as follows:

Lead: Injury to human brain cells, carcinogenic mutagenesis, etc.

Mercury: Sinking directly into the liver after ingestion, causing great damage to the brain's vision. Natural water contains 0.01 mg per liter of water and is highly poisoned.

Chromium: May cause numbness in the limbs and mental disorders.

Arsenic: causes skin pigmentation, leading to abnormal keratinization.

Cadmium: causes high blood pressure, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; destroys bone calcium and causes renal dysfunction.

Fluoride: mild dental fluorosis, fluoridated bone disease; severe bone density is too good, easy to fracture.

Kidney: It consists of several glomeruli, and the body needs about 1.5 kg of water per day. If we drink contaminated water, the presence of carbonate in the water will increase the burden of excretion in the kidneys, and at the same time increase the incidence of kidney disease.

The biggest feature of cancer cells is anaerobic. During the process of decomposition, a large amount of oxygen is absorbed, which causes the organic matter in the water to exceed the standard. The human environment hypoxic cancer cells can survive and multiply. A good enough water source can reduce the incidence of cancer.

These toxins cause irreparable damage to human organs, and the causes of cancer and the like are largely affected by water pollution.