1.Do not drink overnight water, if you encounter water stop, as long as more than 6 hours, be sure to open the faucet for 1 minute before use - 3 minutes before eating.

2.Do not buy inferior faucets: When purchasing faucets, be sure to choose quality standards, it is best to choose stainless steel faucets, because stainless steel does not contain lead, there will be no secondary pollution.

3.Timely observation of changes in the quality of drinking water: First, observe the color of the water to see if it has abnormal color or turbidity, and whether there is any foreign matter; secondly, smell water has no odor, such as earthy smell, metallic taste, chemical smell and so on.

4.Put water before drinking water: Before drinking tap water, you must first open the tap to let the water flow for a while. The same applies to the long-term use of tap water for a long time in the morning of the morning. Do not waste water that can be used for cleaning, etc.

5.Polluted water treatment: Do not drink directly contaminated water. Be sure to boil. When the water is burned to nearly 100 degrees, open the lid and let the volatile organic compounds in the water evaporate. The water can also be naturally precipitated, and the colloidal substance in the water can be removed and then consumed.

6.Regular cleaning of scale: Although it is not harmful to health, scale is not good. If the water quality is too high in an area, the equipment for transporting and heating the water is prone to scale formation, which may result in reduced efficiency or even failure of the water equipment, shortening the service life of the equipment, and greatly increasing the energy consumption. For the daily activities of the family, hard water consumes more water and washing products during washing, and the clothes are not easily washed, and the life is shortened. Bathing with hard water can also have a bad effect on the skin and hair.

7.Regularly clean up the flounders and sundries in the water

  • Many a times the acidic substances overpower the others and increase the pH balance of your body.This might lead to acidity.Drink adequate water which dilutes the stronger chemicals and helps maintain the pH balance of the body.
  • Clean water helps a lot in keeping our kidneys clean.If the body is dehydrated the kidneys conserve water and do not produce urine which in turn causes the toxins to get accumulated in our body.
  • Pure water also helps you to reduce weight .Well,it doesn't cut down your calories but instead fills up your stomach and in turn reduces your appetite.It also has zero caiories.
  • A good digestive system means that the toxins that harm your body do not exist anymore.This makes the skin glow.So chean water,indirectly leads to clean and glowing skin.
  • Your muscles are made up of 75% of water.So drinking clean and pure water helps your muscles a lot,it reduces cramps,strains and muscles pain.
  • Clean water helps in the perfect digestion of the body.Dry foods like breads,biscuits,etc,are difficult to digest.And so water helps the easy passage of these foods.