Why we need to far away from plastic bottles?


Due to the lack of publicity on refrigerator water filters, plastic garbage resulting from bottled water adds up.


Over the past few decades, the bottled water industry has changed dramatically. From 2001 to 2011, the sales of bottled water nearly doubled, and per capita, bottled water consumption increased from 15.2 gallons to 29.2 gallons.


That means a person consumes 222 bottles of such water on average, a horrible figure.

Bottled water ready for sale

Bottled water is commonly found in places like meeting rooms and stadiums, especially since it is more convenient and tastes better compared with tap water.


However, some people might fail to realize that bottled water is harmful to the environment, thinking plastic garbage they produce cause little damage. This mentality often leads to a worse environment.


Harm caused by plastic wastes to the environment


In the US, more than 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles each year, according to data from the Institute for Earth Policy.


That amount of oil can be used to run 100,000 cars for a year. Besides oil, other tremendous costs like logistics fees are needed.


Plastic water bottles are disposable because they can’t be degraded by microorganism.

Plastic bottles to be treated

As a result, 80 percent of plastic water bottles in the US has never make it to the recycling plants.


The most terrible is that it takes microorganisms 450 to 1,000 years to degrade plastic water bottles completely.


So far, water plastic bottle caps have not been effectively recycled. Most of them are eventually dumped into the sea and eaten by marine animals.

Waste on the beach


The advantages of refrigerator water filters

Is there an alternative to bottled water? Yes, it is. You can use refrigerator water filters to filter tap water.


Nowadays, most water filters on the market are effective at removing chlorine, rust, microorganisms and other harmful substances from tap water.


Qualified water filters ensure the safety of filtered water, so you can drink it directly by the glass or stainless steel container.

water in a cup


It is recommended that you should change your water filters every six months or every 200-300 gallons of water.


Water filters are not only energy-saving, but also money-saving. On average, per capita bottled water consumption in the US is 167 bottles a year.


If a bottled water (1.5 liters) is priced $1.78, an American citizen need to pay about $297 during the period of times. This is by no means a small and necessary expense.


But water filters can help save much of the money.


Normally, a water filter costs roughly $25, and you should change it every six months.


If you place an order on https://gpfilter.com/, you can save about $250 a year compared with purchasing bottled water. The unit price of water filters on the shopping site is about $20. 


If you want to reduce the environmental impact of plastic water bottles and their production processes, you can start by stopping purchasing bottled water.


Another thing you can do is to tell your friends and family the harm of bottled water to the environment. This can persuade some of them to stop drinking bottled water.


If it doesn’t work, you can explain to them how water filters save money. This may prompt them to stop purchasing bottled water.


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