Why are refrigerator water filters so expensive?

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For refrigerator water filter users, prices are always something that they pay most attention to. Some ask why the filters on the market are so expensive when the device is made of a bit of activated carbon. To answer the question, I would like to edit this post from the perspective of our products.


High-quality refrigerator water filters have to undergo a series of complex and costly procedures before appearing on the market. These include picking up clean and safe raw materials to make more efficient internal and external materials and spending money on experiencing various quality testings by the authorities.


To provide our customers with much cleaner and safer water, we use Sri Lankan coconut shells to make activated carbon, and employ state-of-the-art sintered activated carbon technology to compress the diameter of aperture on activated carbon to less than 0.5 microns.


Our activated carbon can reduce 97% of chlorine, remove unpleasant odors inside your refrigerator, and reduce 24 contaminants in tap water such as minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can cause poor taste or potentially serious illness.


As for external materials, we use advanced pure PP rigid plastic and LG to guarantee safety.


After that, we have to spend money on various quality tests such as heavy metal test, residual chlorine test, water hammer test, pressure test and particle counter tests.


One of the biggest advantages of our filters is that they are tested and certified by NFS International and ANSI for contaminants reduction.


To complete procedures mentioned above, manufacturers have to invest a large amount of money. That’s why refrigerator water filters are so expensive on the market.


In most cases, you have to pay roughly $50 for just one refrigerator water filter. That could be a financial burden for some of you. Don’t worry, we recommend you visit gpfilter.com if you are considering purchasing filters. Goods on the shopping site have the best prices and quality I have ever seen.


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