Which Drinking Water is better, filtered water or bottled water?

Water is human’s source of our life. We couldn’t live without water. Therefore, we definitely focus on whether the water we drink every day is safe or not. Although we care for the safety of drinking water all the time, but we still couldn’t always get healthy water. But we never stop exploring and finding high technology ways to supply much healthier drinking water, such as water filter and other inventions.

Why do we choose bottled water to drink?

Bottled water may be the best convenient drinking water than other kinds of water. Now if we are thirsty, we could go to the small store or big market to choose our own favorite bottled water that also has different flavors and we just spend not so much money to buy, then open the lid and we can drink immediately. Most of the bottled water will say, ‘It includes lots of energies and proteins that human body needs in daily life, and contains lots of microelements and Vitamin such as selenium, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E that are essential to humans’ healthy growth. We are also attracted by their words. Therefore, we will choose these kinds of bottled water. However, we can’t tell whether these kinds of bottled water contain such elements or not. And we will not go to a library to test them.

How does the plastic bottle make?

An article about Plastic Bottle Making Process published by Robert Korpella tells that, the water bottles or soda bottles that are produced by mixing PET resin pellets with ‘regrind’- recycled plastic that has been reduced to flakes. To make clear bottles, dyes are always added into the mixing materials. Then build a preform by mixing at temperatures of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then stretching the preform, then cooling and trimming. Finally, a bottle has been done. As the saying that every coin has two sides. The bottled water is also not the excluded one. The bottled water is using the bottle that may be made from different plastic materials which we have no idea about their raw materials and we have no way to know how do they produce exactly. They may be produced by some branded factories that are authorized by the government. They may come from numerous recycled bottles that have been drunk by lots of citizens.

Why we should stop drinking plastic bottled water?

Actually, bottled water includes non-biodegradable plastic and not sustainable. BPA is one of the components that is included in the plastic bottle. It includes toxins which will make our humans’ endocrine disruption, weight gain, fatty and even cancer. BPA is just one component. There still numerous chemicals that are harmful to our body and even other organs. Bottled water uses vast quantities of fossil fuels, water and is manufactured, filled and shipped around the globe. A study by German researchers, nearly 25,000 chemicals lurk in a bottle of water. Most of these chemicals have adverse effects on our body and slowly seep into our body to break our health, according to the study published in the journal PLoS One.

Which kind of drinking water should we drink?

As bottled water has potential hazards towards our healthy life, it’s time to find the better and alternative drinking water. Now, more and more citizens choose to buy a water filter to get much cleaner, tasting, healthy water at the comfort of their own home. Filtered water has experienced a procedure that eliminates, removes, kills and even deactivates the bacteria, viruses and other impurities present in the water. The filtered water really is able to make all of us calm down. Filtered water can remove the arsenic which will increase the prevalence of some kinds of cancer and aluminum that leads to Alzheimer’s disease and other severe problems. Filtered water will also disinfect chlorine in the water that is carcinogenic. Drinking filtered water frequently will help promote nutrition absorption. It also can make us lose excess fat and keep our skin hydrated. Moreover, drinking filtered water can even deactivate lots of toxins that piled up in our body for ages. If we stick to drink filtered water, our whole-body will perform the best results. We drink filtered water, actually we also do good things to help protect our environment. We are not part of members to produce plastic garbage. Many researchers found massive plastic which will wait to be disposed of in the landfill. And these garbage disposals will take 300 years at least. When it comes to filtered water, fridge water filter is must be mentioned. Our Clatterans refrigerator water filter is compatible with different popular brands, such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, PUR Ultrawf and other brands. All these water filters of our glacialpurefilter work with activated carbon and use state of art technology to remove the harmful contaminants to offer fresher and wholesome drinking water for your whole family. Sum it up, filtered water is really much better than bottled water. Now let’s take action to say no to bottled water and drink filtered water to discover a different ‘you’.