Where to Find Water Filter Part Number or Refrigerator Model Number?


Before replacing old refrigerator water filters, you may have to have a knowledge of water filter number or refrigerator model number to ensure that you buy the right devices.


These figures sometimes can be difficult to find for non-professionals, especially when they look small in size and are painted in hard-to-locate spots.


Today I would like to give you some suggestions on finding them. Hope they are useful for you!


Where to find water filter part number?


Usually, water filter part number is painted on the label of your filter. So just read the label carefully.


Where to find your refrigerator model number?

find the right models

In general, there are four spots on your refrigerator where you can find refrigerator model number.


  • On the upper left or right side wall of your refrigerator
  • On the face frame of your refrigerator
  • Behind the lower crisper drawer
  • Behind the lower toe kick-plate


Choosing the right filter for your refrigerator can be vital for keeping your water cool and foods fresh. For more information on the device, you may visit website www.gpfilter.com.


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