What happens if you don’t routinely change your refrigerator water filter?


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Refrigerator water filters are amazing tools to ensure that a household is consuming clean and safe water. However, to save money, some of you might consider not changing your filter on a regular basis, especially when your water still tastes fine. In fact, that could harm you and your family’s health since some contaminants in the tap water are colorless and odorless. Today, I would like to discuss with you guys on the results of not routinely changing your filter.


Refrigerator water filters are carefully designed to remove pollutants and sediment from tap water. By routinely replacing your filter, you can avoid drinking unwanted chemicals, particles and bacteria.


As your filter expires, it will become less effective at cleaning the tap water of various contaminants. This may soon become apparent to you in the form of changes in the taste and odor of the water and ice entering your glass. Unfiltered water and ice can potentially cause or lead to serious health problems


By employing the state-of-the-art activated carbon technology, refrigerator water filters are also great for freshening the air inside your refrigerator and helping remove unpleasant odors such as the smells of onions, garlic and durian. Any failure to routinely change your filter will be likely to leave your refrigerator with bad smells.


Then how often should you replace your refrigerator water filters?


It is recommended by many experts and refrigerator manufacturers that you should change your filter at least every six months. Six months is an average but can vary widely based on factors such as the quantity of contaminants in your water as well as how much water you and your family drink. In general, a filter can reduce contaminants for 200-300 gallons of water during its service life.


Now that you realize the bad results of not routinely replacing your refrigerator water filter, don’t hesitate to purchase a new one when the old one expires. I recommend you to place a order on gpfilter.com. Filters on the shopping site have all been certified by NSF International and have the best prices I have ever seen.


After replacement, you can be confident that you and your family are drinking clean and safe water!


The knowledge before purchasing the water filter is at the end of this article.


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