PP cotton

PP cotton filter is the use of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, after heat melting, spinning, stretching, forming and acceptance made ​​of tubular filter with high filtration precision, flow, pressure difference, pollutant carrying capacity, small size, high pressure, corrosion resistance etc..


 1.high filtration precision

 Strict production process, a unique fiber structure is stable and reliable product quality;

 2.filter capacity, pressure loss is small;

 Thermally bonded fiber on its own, do not use adhesives, reduce the pressure loss, filter flow rate increases;.

 3.long life, low cost filtration;

 Product mix within the tight loose, pollutant carrying capacity, thereby prolonging the life of the filter;

 4.corrosion resistance, and wide applicability;

 Products made ​​of a single polypropylene, stable, strong corrosion resistance;

 Nominal accuracy over (μ) 1 ~ 100

 Compressive strength: 0.5Mpa

 Temperature: 60 ℃

 Product Category:

   Ordinary filter, trench filter, filter, etc. with the skeleton.


 Home drinking water purification, industrial water, drink wine filtration, professional equipment, water purifiers and other auxiliary filtration, medical and other medicinal liquid too.

 Main Technical Specifications:

 Dimensions: Diameter Φ20mm, Φ22mm, Φ23mm, Φ28mm, Φ40mm, Φ64 ± 1mm

           Diameter Φ13mm, Φ15mm, Φ20mm, Φ28mm, Φ30mm

           Length (inch) 5 ~ 40