Homeowners who want to buy a refrigerator water filter for clean water, need to check their refrigerator’s brand and know which filter models fit before purchasing. Besides the brand name and compatibility, there are a few different options available for refrigerator filters as far as installation, look and effectiveness.

Types of Refrigerator Filters

Push-in Fridge Filters Canister filters – Small cylinder-shaped filters which attach with a twist at the back of the fridge’s food compartment. Many of canister filters come with a protective cup over the top and a small o-ring gasket which should be replaced after the third filter change. Slide-out filters – They are usually found at the base of the refrigerator and can be removed and replaced by sliding them in and out. Some are removed by pressing a button while others require turning a knob for release. Grille filters – Similar to slide-out filters, this type of filter can be generally removed or replaced by sliding them in and out. They are found at the base of the refrigerator near the grille and can be ejected by pressing a button. Drop-down filters – They are found in the fridge’s food compartment which drops down with the press of a button. These filters are easily removed and installed and they stay well-concealed in the back of the fridge. Inline Fridge Filters These filters can be used for older appliances which do not have a water filter system. They are external filters which connect directly to a house’s main water source and are linked to the refrigerator. Inline water filters are harder to install than other filters. However, most of them are compatible with any refrigerators.

Pros and Cons of Refrigerator Filters

Fridge filters are just as convenient as faucet filters, albeit in a different way. Instead of getting filtered water straight from your tap, you get it from your fridge. This makes them a great option for instant, continuous access to cold drinking water without having to fill and refill a pitcher. If you have a fridge with a built-in water dispenser, you most likely have a workable water filter in it. There are many upgrades on the market, including smart water filters capable of filtering out more contaminants than average and producing better-tasting drinking water. In many cases, the installation is as simple as locating your existing filter and replacing it with another one under a couple of simple steps. You don’t just get cold filtered water, but ice cubes as well. No trays to fill! And once you start using such a fridge water filter, you won’t have to spend money on bottled water or invest in other water filters as well. As far as the cons go, you need to choose your refrigerator filter with care and stick to high-quality options. Some of the lower end options are not as good as filtering as many contaminants as other filters will be. Also, the installation may be more involved in regards to some fridges. That means you should pick the right filter compatible to your fridge model.