How to fix a leaking refrigerator water filter?

filter 2 & edr2rxd1 water filter

Refrigerator water filters are unarguably one of the most reliable household appliances you have at home to keep your drinking water clean and safe. But it might come as a shock when it is found to cause your refrigerator to leak. Fixing leakage is costly, so we especially edit this post to give you instructions on how to do it on your own before going to the expense of calling professionals out.


Before being able to fix, it is important to first find out what might cause leakage.


Was your refrigerator water filter correctly placed in the slot?

If your filter was not correctly placed in the slot, it could cause your refrigerator to leak. Please pull the filter out and try installing it again.


Is your refrigerator water filter cracked or damaged?

Pull your filter out of your refrigerator and check if there are any cracks or damages. If your filter is cracked or damaged, replace it with a new one.


Are the O-Rings correctly installed on your refrigerator water filter?

Pull your filter out of your refrigerator and inspect it to make sure the O-rings are still in place. If so, re-insert it into your fridge, making sure it’s locked in place. If it is damaged or missing, replace it with a new one.


For you and your family’s health, we recommend you to fix your refrigerator water filter as soon as you find any leakage happens. If you fail to implement a DIY fix, ask help from professionals.


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