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how often do you need to change you water filter?


If you haven’t changed your refrigerator water filter for some certain period of time, you may be wondering when you should replace it. Maybe your water still tastes fine, so you’re starting to doubt the necessity of timely changing your filter. Many contaminants in tap water are colorless and odorless, making it impossible to check whether your filter is still ineffective working condition through your visual or tasting sense.


In the light of the widespread confusion of how often users should change their filters, I decided to edit this post to give you the right answer and attempt to explain why as detailed as possible. 

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It is recommended by many experts and refrigerator manufacturers that you should change your filter at least every six months. Six months is an average but can vary widely based on factors such as the number of contaminants in your water as well as how much water you and your family drink. In general, a filter can reduce contaminants for 200-300 gallons of water during its whole service life.


Routinely replacing your filter is of great importance to your health. Failure to do it could permit unabsorbed contaminants and bacteria enter your body, as well as leave a bad taste and smell in your refrigerator.


Another good reason to change your filter on a regular basis is to prevent impurities build-up that can cause damage to your refrigerator. In most cases, changing your refrigerator filter is fairly simple and can be done in under five minutes without any tools required as long as you follow the instructions provided by manufacturers. The most common approach is to locate and remove the old filter at first, and then insert the new filter into the slot, and run water to clean the line after installation.

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Filters are necessary in daily life, but indeed they don’t come cheap. If you stick with the recommended brand, you might have to pay roughly $100 a year. That could be an economic burden for some ordinary American families.


To find better-priced filters, you might have to sought through the internet. The problem is that you have no way of knowing whether the multitude of cheaper alternatives actually works. Just last year, US Customs and Border Protection seized more than 100,000 counterfeit filters entering the country.


Don’t worry. For those of you who want to use a filter but expect to find a more affordable one, we would like to recommend you visit The shopping site sells the best-priced filters I have ever seen. You will be able to find high-quality filter compatible with your refrigerator. After replacing it, you can feel confident that you and your family are drinking clean water!

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By using two filters per year, a refrigerator can filter about 3,000 bottles of water. This can save you over $600 a year compared to buying bottled water, and it’s good for the environment to spare landfills from all of the plastic bottles.


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