A frequently-asked question on the internet is, “Do refrigerator water filters actually work?”


The best answer we can give to that question is, “Most definitely!” The only question left hanging is, “How?” Well, let’s start from the source.


Refrigerator water filters work to remove contaminants in the tap water by forcing the fluid through activated carbon inside the filters. The carbon serves as a pollutant collection center targeting at some 24 harmful substances in the tap water such as minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can cause poor taste or potentially serious illness. After the process, tap water becomes cleaner and safer drinking water.

clean water vs dirty water

That’s it. Yes, it’s really that simple.


However, refrigerator water filters can only remove so many contaminants on the condition of being routinely replaced. For you and your family’s health, we recommend you to replace it every six months.


Overused refrigerator water filters are unable to properly remove contaminants still in the tap water. Once the activated carbon inside the filter becomes fully covered with contaminants, the water passes through the filter untreated, leaving you with polluted water.


To conclude, YES! Refrigerator water filters work great as long as they’re maintained and replaced on a regular basis.


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