Glacial Pure (GPE) Water Filter 2, a Great Replacement for Frigidaire ULTRAWF, Kenmore 9999


Are you still anxious about the water that you drink every day from your refrigerator is unhealthy? Are you looking for a new water filter to replace the old one on your refrigerator? This Glacial Pure (GPE) water filter 2 replacement for Frigidaire Water Filter WF3CB ULTRAWF Water Filter, Kenmore 9999 Water Filter, will solve your concern.


By employing state-of-the-art technology, Glacial Pure (GPE) refrigerator water filter 2 can greatly remove chlorine, lead, mercury, cadmium and thallium that are harmful to our health from water.


This refrigerator water filter is also built to offer significant performance to reduce odor, chlorine taste, dirt, rust and other harmful sediments in water, providing its users with safe and fresh water.


Meanwhile, it still can keep the original minerals that are good for the body.


At this point, you may wonder why don’t I directly purchase this type of refrigerator water filter from the official website of Frigidaire or Kenmore. To save your money, I really don’t recommend you to do that. Here’s why.


After browsing through the shopping sites of Frigidaire and Kenmore, you will find that they sell filters at a very high price - nearly $50 for one piece. This is an economic burden for ordinary American families if they need to frequently replace filters.


By contrast, GPE products are much better-priced. By spending no more than $20 you are able to bring an effective filter home. This is the biggest strength of GPE over the two original equipment manufacturers.


Now, you may be start to concern about the quality of GPE refrigerator water filter 2. Don’t worry.


This replacement has been certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to sift out nearly 99% contaminants from water.


GPE has a very professional service team, and they are fully ready to offer you around-the-clock assistance in the process of and after purchasing its refrigerator water filter.


Besides, it also provide fast free shipping to the continental America. In no more than five business days, you will receive your items.


To sum up, if you are in need of a replacement for Frigidaire Water Filter WF3CB ULTRAWF Water Filter, Kenmore 9999 Water Filter, GPE refrigerator water filter 2 is a good choice. You may click here to place an order.