For those using Whirlpool refrigerator, water filter 1 (W10295370A) may not be unfamiliar. This tool serves to provide great tasting water by reducing the presence of contaminants.


Whirlpool water filter 1 (W10295370A water filter) is indeed necessary and has gained widespread recognition for its effectiveness.


After browsing through the comment sections of a variety of shopping sites like Amazon, Whirlpool and Mountain Flow, I can see most of the reviews are positive.


Some says this type of refrigerator water filter fits well and works fine, others says after using it his water tastes much better.


It’s good to hear that Whirlpool water filter 1 (W10295370A) is effective in purifying water. But the problem is that not all of them come cheap, with most sellers selling them at roughly $50 one piece.


Typically you need to replace your water filter once six months, meaning you will have to spend at least $100 on this tool a year. This is not a small sum for ordinary American families.


To save your money, I’d like to recommend you Glacial Pure (GPE). This brand of refrigerator water filter has been certified by the NSF to reduce 99% of pollutants, including germs, pesticides and chemicals, offering fresh water for users.


Compared to Whirlpool water filter 1, water filter 1 on the shopping site of GPE are sold at a much more down-to-earth price, with one costing no more than $20.


Besides, GPE has a professional service team, and they are fully ready to provide any form of assistance to its customers.


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