The function of the PP cotton filter is to pre-treat the incoming tap water, filter out the sediment, suspended solids, colloids, impurities, etc. in the water. The replacement period is 6-12 months, its pore diameter is evenly distributed, the strength is high, and the pollution is resistant. strong ability.

The function of the granular activated carbon filter is to adsorb the different colors, odors, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic substances in the water. The replacement period of the substances is 6-12 months. The gap structure is developed, the adsorption capacity is high, the adsorption capacity is strong, and the mechanical strength is strong. High, long service life, deep activation process, good water outlet.

The function of the sintered activated carbon filter is to adsorb heavy metal ions and further adsorb the various organic substances leaked before the second stage, protect the ultrafiltration membrane and prolong its service life. The replacement cycle is 6-12 months. It uses coconut shell activated carbon as raw material and is compressed and extruded at 200 °C to avoid leakage of toner, ensure the hygiene of downstream fluids, adsorb residual chlorine in water, odor, small molecules. Organic matter, heavy metal ions and particulate impurities

Reverse osmosis RO membrane filter with a filter pore size of 0.0001 micron, which can completely filter out organic matter in water, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, heat sources and other impurities. The replacement cycle is 2 - 3 years.

The function of the ultrafiltration membrane filter is to remove bacteria, organic matter, colloid, sediment, rust and other impurities larger than 0.01~0.1 microns. The replacement period is 2 - 3 years.

The function of the rear composite filter element is to prevent the secondary pollution of the purified water, make the drinking water more sanitary and safer, adjust the water quality taste, ensure the water quality is delicious, and the replacement cycle is 6-12 months.