Apple Cider Floats

Ingredients: 1 cup of lemon Excipients: the amount of brandy Seasoning: the right amount of ice STEPS: 1. Wash the apples, dry them, pour the brandy without apple slices, add the right amount of rock sugar, save for two months, then remove the apples. 2. Continue to put it in a month The unique cocktail approach: 1. Lemon half-squeezed juice (directly squeeze into the apple juice container on the back to prevent discoloration of apple juice) Green apple peeled and juiced 3. Pour the apple juice into the cup, add cider, ice cubes, and add apple slices, lemon peel and lemon slices. (The weight ratio is not quantitative, you can try to adjust the proportion you like.)

Flavored corn soup

Ingredients: 2 sweet corn Seasoning: water volume STEPS: 1. Remove the sweet corn from the outer skin. The corn must be cut into the end with the knife to the other end. Cut all the sweet corn kernels, pour the right amount of water into the pot, and put the sweet corn kernels into the pot. Pot, boil over low heat and cook over low heat. 15 minutes. In short, corn kernels are cooked. In fact, if you are not too troublesome, you can put corn cobs and beards into the pot. Corn kernels are wrapped in large gauze and boiled. After cooking, filter the beard, sticks and impurities in the soup. Remove to make the squeezed corn juice sweeter and thicker After leaving the stove, let the sweet corn kernels and soup water cool down a bit. 3. Pour sweet corn kernels and soup water into a blender at a ratio of 3:4, then whipped into corn juice. This ratio can also be adjusted as appropriate. The water is weaker and the corn is more viscous. 4. Finally, pour it out (for a better taste, you can filter the corn juice with a sieve), the cold taste is better, of course, after heating, drink another taste.

Smooth and delicious papaya milk

Ingredients: 1 papaya Accessories: fresh milk 600 ml ice cubes Seasoning: honey amount STEPS: 1.Papaya must be fully ripe, the color is all red, and the smell of papaya is very strong. It is easy to dig out the body. 2. Dig the papaya seeds with a spoon and dig all the melon meat. 3. Place the excavated melon meat in a blender and add fresh milk and honey. (Make more ice powder) Add whipping for about 1 minute. After pouring out, add small ice cubes and drink immediately.