holding a cup of water


Refrigerator water filters have become one of the most needed household appliances in ordinary American families. To maintain their effectiveness at removing contaminants from tap water, we should change them on a regular basis - normally every six months or 200-300 gallons of water. However, in practice, many users forget or delay changing their water filters after the tools expire. Maybe your drinking water still tastes fine, but it could make you and your family sick since most contaminants in the water are colorless and odorless. In this post, I’d like to explain how old water filters harm your health.


By employing activated carbon, water filters are carefully designed to filter contaminants out of tap water. It serves as a pollutant collection center targeting some 24 harmful substances such as minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can cause poor taste or potentially serious illness. If you fail to regularly change your water filters, pores on the tools’ activated carbon would be clogged, leading to the following possible serious consequences:


1. Slow water flow. Once your water filter’s pores are clogged by contaminants filtered out before, tap water would be much harder than normal to pass through the tool, which could significantly slow water flow.


2. Strange taste or odor. After reaching the expiration date, the activated carbon of your water filter becomes filled and no more contaminants can be adsorbed. In extreme cases, the contaminants inside your water filter will break off and enter your drinking water. Both could cause strange taste or odor.


3. Cloudy ice. If your water filter become less efficient, various contaminants could exist in your drinking water, making ice seem cloudy.


4. Diseases. Unfiltered water or cloudy ice could make your and your family sick, since it contains contaminants, heavy metals and chemicals, such as excessive chlorine and lead. When your water filter isn’t changed in time it can’t protect you from those harmful elements.


Routinely changing your water filter is necessary and simple. You can even complete it in under 5 minutes as long as you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. After the replacement, you can be confident that you and your family are drinking safe and clean water!


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