Unknown flower nameūüĆļ

The red color of the pomegranatepomegranate24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD makes your summer full of vitality; the purple color of the grapegrapes24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD makes your summer full of mystery; the fragrance of the teatea24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD makes you no longer afraid the heat in the summer and enjoy it quietly.

Tipsk tip 2 Bulb24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.

(So I think you might need a refrigerator water filter,¬†you can¬†click below website¬†to find what you needūüĎČhttps://gpfilter.com/pages/find-filters)

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Pomegranate seedspomegranate24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Water: 200mlwater24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Four Seasons Spring Oolong Teatea cup24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Guava sauce: 20gsyrup24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD 

Sugar syrup: 30gSugar Cubes24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Grape: 500ggrapes24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Pear: 3 piecespear24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD



  1. Brew the four seasons spring oolong tea with water from 203‚ĄČ to 212 ‚ĄČ. (Tips: Use cross-stirringfork24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD method to make each piece of tea stretch out, which can more scent the tea);
  2. Add 20g of guava saucesyrup24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD and 30g of sugar syrup to a new cup as a base;
  3. Crush the raisins, squeeze the juiceLemon Juice24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD, and pour the flesh into the cup;
  4. Add water and soaked tea;
  5. Add 3 pieces of chopped pears and pomegranate seeds;
  6. Perform adequate agitation;
  7. A colorfulcolor palette24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD, healthy summer drinkSoft drink24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD is ready.

 Pomegranate seeds

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