Share some drinkssoda24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD that are easy to carry and store. It's very simple and convenient to make, and the production time is super short, but the taste is enjoyable.Homer Simpson Happy24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Let's try it~strawberry24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.
(So I think you might need a refrigerator water filter, if you interested in, please click right arrow24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOADhere)

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Strawberry Jamjam24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD: 10g

Strawberrystrawberry24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD: 5-6

Ice cubesice cubes: 5-6

Rosemaryrosemarry add some special taste

A can of sodasoda16PX PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD



Put in strawberry jam

Add the chopped strawberries

Put in ice


The last step, add soda

Stir slightly to complete Y(^_^)Y

strawberry soda is easy to make

Glacial Pure- colorful drinks-making videovideo24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Every day, we provide simple recipe videos that you want to try immediately, as well as environmental videos that focus on drinking water and health!health24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD