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Plum adeūüćĻ

In this month, I made plum syrupplum24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD. I hate hot summer weather, but I like the summer fruit. I wanna be with them more :))) I want to share this recipe with you.

Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.
(So I think you might need a refrigerator water filter, if you just need it, please click to find your correct filters)

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Here 's the delicious recipe, enjoy it!



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Rosemaryrosemary add sense




+To make a fruit syrupsyrup32PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD


  • Cut the fruits into small size.
  • Measure the fruits and prepare the same amount of sugar. You can use any kind of sugar, glucose, oligosaccharide, etc. I prefer to use half plain white sugar and half oligosaccharide.
  • Turn the heat to low, mix fruits, sugar, and a splash of lemon juice all together until thickened (Make with less than 150g, it took 8min or less.)


  • Prepare the water bath jar.
  • Cut the fruits into small size.
  • Measure the fruits and prepare the same amount of sugar.
  • In a bowl, mix fruits and sugar.
  • Rest 5~10min to fruit juice is come out (This process makes syrup faster).
  • Ladle the mixture into a jar and cover the lid.
  • Rest in room temp for 5 hours, and put it in a fridge until all sugar is melted.
  • Preserve one‚Äôs flesh is more fresh and meaty.
  • And syrup texture is more clear, so I prefer to make this way. Y (^_^) Y


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