This lemonade recipe is really perfect to enjoy fresh peaches in summer. If you have fresh peaches handy then give a twist to the old-fashioned homemade lemonade with perfect lemonade recipe. It is naturally sweetened and a healthy drink that will help you to enjoy warm days without guilt.


Try this peach flavored perfect lemonade recipe to enjoy fresh peaches. This peach lemonade is healthy and naturally sweetened. Kids friendly too.

Spring is in the air. Also, it is official now as daylight saving has begun. Here, in North-Eastern part of America, we've started to experience warm days as well as nights. Though winter was not harsh this year, nights were so cold that you cannot leave home without winter clothes.


And I am feeling very excited to go out and enjoy fresh air without putting those thick winter jackets! And, this little warmth has inspired me to try out this peach flavored perfect lemonade recipe.


Refreshing Homemade Mango Lemonade


Why I call it perfect! because it is:



kids friendly

low calorie


This peach lemonade is a perfect non-alcoholic drink to enjoy seasonal peaches. It is naturally sweetened and kids friendly too.



Making this peach lemonade is very easy. You will just need 4-5 ingredients (listed below) including fresh peaches. Make a puree of peaches then add lemon juice, sweetener, and water. Refreshing peach lemonade is ready to enjoy. See, how simple and easy it is!


Enjoy homemade lemonade with this peach lemonade recipe.

Enjoy homemade lemonade with this peach lemonade recipe.



This perfect lemonade recipe is healthy because:

it is non-alcoholic

it contains health benefits from fresh peaches

far better than store-bought drinks that may contain preservatives

it contains natural sugar


3 fresh peaches seeded

3/4 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup agave (or more according to your taste)

5 cup drinking water

2 tbsp loosely packed mint leaves (optional)

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In a blender make a puree of two peaches with 1 cup of water. Using a strainer, strain the peach juice to remove coarse particles.

In a pitcher, add strained peach juice, lemon juice and agave. Mix it well to combine all ingredients. Adjust sweetener according to your taste.

Add water, few slices of peach and mint leaves. Chill the lemonade in the refrigerator before serving

Serve over ice to enjoy this perfect peach lemonade