Do you often feel stressed and upset? If yes, try nectarine mojitoMojito Juice24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD now. Because Mintmint leaves, limelime24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD, and sugarjupiter lollypop planet Lollipop candy Sugar24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD were helpful in hiding the harsh taste of this spirit.happy24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD And a survey by an international market research company found that in 2016 the Mojito was the most popular cocktail in Britainenglish flag great britain uk united kingdom24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD and Francefrance24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD. So let us study how do make a trustworthy drink?cheers24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Nectarine Mojito give you a cool summer

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Ingredients prepareIngredients:Ingredients prepare

  • Nectarine: 2
  • Lemon: 1
  • Mint leaf
  • Ice cube
  • Base wine: rum 10ml
  • Soda: 1 bottle


cool beverages in summerProcedure:cool beverages in summer

  • Remove the washed nectarine's stone and cube it the flesh.
  • Cut the lemon into pieces
  • Tap the mint leaves to bring it scent and put it in the cup
  • Put nectarine and lemon in sequence, Before this that the lemon needs to be squeezed juice into the cup.
  • Add ice cubesadd some ice cubes
  • Decorate with mint leaves and lemon slices to finish.

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Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.
(So I think you might need a refrigerator water filter, if you want to see, please click here)