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Mojito Drink


Mojito Juice24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Mojito Mojito Juice24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 originated in Cuba, the traditional Mojito is made of: rum24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 light rum, sugar, lemon24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 lime juice, soda and mint24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 mint, made of cocktail24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 cocktails. In recent years, with the popularity of various types of fruity syrup, the flavor of mojito is more abundant. Replace the soda with beer, I have to say that for those who don’t drink often, this drink is enough to make you dizzy.


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  • Mint leaf
  • Lemon: 1
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Ice: three quarters of the cup
  • Rum: 30ml
  • Ice beer: 1 bottle


cooking24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载[Production Method]cooking24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

  1. Prepare fresh mint leaves and soak them in clean water.
  2. One lime, cut into 8 pieces and put in a glass.
  3. Add 5g of sugar and rolling out the juice.
  4. Tap the mint leaves to bring out the aroma of mint. Wipe the lip of a glass which will bring cool taste to us and then put it in the cup.
  5. The base wine of this drink is rum (can also be replaced by other liqueur), add 30ml
  6. Add the ice cubes, stir, then quickly insert the beer into the cup (the beer must be chilled)


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Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.

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