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Jelly soda-GPfilter


When you pass by the pancakes24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 dessert shop pancakes24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 on the street, you will be attracted by the colorful drinks. When the jelly is added with soda, it is definitely a good-looking and tastey24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 tasty tastey24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 drink. Don't need aspire others, we can show you how do it.yoehoe girl24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载


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  • 360ml water
  • 4g jelly powder
  • 80g sugar
  • Fruit food dye
  • Lemon slices
  • 180ml Soda


cooking24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 [Procedure] cooking24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

  1. Pour water, sugar, and jelly powder into the pan
  2. Cook for 2-3 minutes on low heat and stir while cooking.
  3. Pour into the mold before the jelly solidified
  4. Add fruit food dye
  5. Stir a little
  6. Refrigerate for three hours or more
  7. Put the refrigerated jelly in the cup
  8. Add lemon slices, soda, and leaf fern


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Every day, we provide simple recipe videos that you want to try immediately, as well as environmental videos that focus on drinking water and health!

speech bubble24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.
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Jelly soda