grape jam, spoon


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Today, the purple grapegrapes24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD jam is online! When making the grape sauce, pay attention to the selection of large, full-bodied, fresh-tasting, hard-touch grapes. The color of the jam that comes out of this way will be bright and attractiveGlass Of Grape24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD, and you can also eat rich flesh.


The fresh purple of the grape juicegrapes24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD always gives a mysterious feeling. When you mix a cup of grape juice, water will help you a lot to improve the juice taste.


Glacialpure refrigerator water filter uses the premium coconutcoconut24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD shell activated carbon. Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI42 & 53 (System) for the reduction of Chlorine. Taste and Odor. Devoted to the health of you and your family.family24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOADgrape juice





Filtered waterwater16PX PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

White sugarcubes sugar24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD

Lemon juicelemon24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD



  1. Cut off branches of grapes
  2. Add flour and water
  3. Wash the  impurities of the grape
  4. Rinse one or two times with water
  5. Clean seeds with a sucker
  6. Peel the grapes
  7. Put the grape peels into the pot
  8. Add water
  9. Boil the grapes until the color turns purple
  10. Filter
  11. Boil grape flesh and filtered soup
  12. Add 50g white sugar
  13. The fire is boiling and turning to a low heat
  14. Add lemon juice
  15. When the soup becomes stick, turn off the heat
  16. Pour hot into a clean sealed can
  17. Refrigerate it after cooling

eat grape jam with bread


  1. Put the grape peels and seeds in the pot and cook together, not only to preserve the nutrition but also to make the color and taste of the purple grape jam more vivid.
  2. Because the viscosity of the flour is relatively large, the grapes washed with the flour's water, the dirt on the grapes is glued by the flour so that the grapes are washed very cleanly.


Recipe Videovideo player24PX  PNG ICO ICONS DOWNLOAD:


Glacial Pure- colorful drinks-making video

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