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durian ice cream

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For small friends who love to eat durian, durian flavored ice cream is the first choice. Such a delicious durian ice cream can be made at home by yourself. The little friends to whom durian can try their own hands.






White sugar

Light cream


Chocolate sauce



  1. Puree the durian into the bowl, take out the core. Chill for storing;
  2. Pour milk into the pot, and add an egg yolk. Heat from small heat to slightly bubbling, stir well, heat till hot air;
  3. Let cool, add durian meat then stir;
  4. Add white sugar 20g;
  5. Whisk whipping cream;
  6. Pour into the durian paste;
  7. Mix well;
  8. Refrigerated for half an hour;
  9. Take out the stirring;
  10. Chill for 2 hours;
  11. Nut chopped;
  12. Sprinkle with chocolate sauce and nuts.


Recipe Video:

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