Today I will recommend a healthy drink that is sugar free milk pudding.We can use healthy Stevia without calories replaces sugar and honey and enjoys the healthiest pure milk pudding.


You'll need......

-Pure milk 250g,Almond 10g,Gelatin sheets 5g,Stevia sugar 3g

STEP 1:Stevia sugar is added to the milk (or not to add if you like) and heated to a slight boiling point over a medium heat.


STEP 2:Soft gelatin tablets in cold water.


STEP 3:Stir the soft gelatin tablets in hot milk until melted.


STEP 4:Pour the mixed liquid into the container, cool it and put it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.


STEP 5:Take out and sprinkle with broken almonds, or you like to eat other fruits or other nuts, or you can put them in.