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Recipes of Peach soda drink

Summer is hot, it is already the hottest time. Except for expressing heat, I have no strength to speak. At this time, if you give me a cup of hot chocolate24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载iced sodahot chocolate24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载, I would like to exchange 10 pounds of weight to get it, even devote wifi24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Wi-Fi, air conditioner24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载air conditioner, smartphone24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载mobile phone, ipad24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载iPad, bed24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载bed, refrigerator24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载refrigerator, anything i have ! ! !


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bunch ingredients24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Ingredientsbunch ingredients24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

Peach: 2

Sea salt: 5g

Lemon: 1


A can of soda

Mint leaf ice cubes


cooking24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Procedurecooking24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

  1. Wash the fluff of the peach skin with sea salt (it will be cleaner)
  2. Cut the peach into pieces and place in a jar.
  3. Cut the lemon into pieces, squeeze the juice, and put in the jar.
  4. Add honey, soda, sealed and chill for 8 hours.


iced coffee24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Making mint ice cubesiced coffee24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

  1. Prepare fresh mint and wash it.
  2.  Put mint in the ice tray and add water, freeze them in refrigerator for 8 hours.


Finally, when you want to drink something, put the ice cube in the Peach Soda drink and enjoy it.

This drink is perfect for party24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载family gatherings, tea24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载afternoon tea drinks, soft drink24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载kids' casual drinks, etc. Come and try it Y (^_^) Y


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Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.
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Peach drink