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Summer and fruit, they just go hand-in-hand. Honestly, I've always been a bit of a chocolate fan when it comes to my sweet kick — just give me a pile of chocolate and a cold cocktail and I'm a happy camper. However, as I've grown older (probably not wiser, but certainly more experienced), I've learned to appreciate the perfectly ripe fruit that you can get in and around summertime. Naturally, the best way to enjoy it is in a cocktail. A cocktail much like the Cherry Smash!


Following our recent trend of smashing things, like with the Mezcal Blackberry Smash, I figured smashing some cherries would fit right into our little cocktail theme of fruit plus smash.


The best and most exciting advice I can give you for this cocktail is to find some nice, in season cherries. Then the hardest part is removing the pits, which isn't that difficult.


When you're ready for a summer sipper and want to infuse some fruit with booze-y goodness, then give this one a shot.


Now, onto the Cherry Smash!



1.Take your pitted cherries, toss them into your cocktail shaker and muddle.

2.Add the bourbon, cherry heering and ice to said glass.


4.Finish and know that you're about to have a good drink.

5.Add ice to your old-fashioned glass.

6.Pour shaken cocktail into your glass.

7.Top with club soda.

8.Garnish with the non-pitted cherry.

9.Toast to summer.

10.And fresh fruit.

11.And cherries.

12.And the next round.

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  • Bruce Gao
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