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Cherry Champagne by Glacialpure

On a hot summer day, rising24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 Sales of liquor began to rise rising24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载, Especially the sales of chilled liquor. But It's too boring that drink pint of beer24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 beer, wine24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 wine or champagne24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 champagne directly every summer! Try some liquor24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 particular liquor liquor24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 this summer. cocktail24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 Bartending cocktail24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 a cherry champagne by ourselves. It’s not easy to get drunk, and being buzzed is the most heart bulb stars24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载charming stateheart bulb stars24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载!


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 menu32PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 Ingredients menu32PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

  • Cherry: 250g
  • Clean water: 100ml
  • Sugar: 100g - 150g
  • Rum: 20ml
  • Champagne


cooking32PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 Procedure cooking32PX  PNG ICO 图标下载

  1. Cut fresh cherries along the midline, remove the kernels, and put them into the pot.
  2. Add 100ml of water to the pot, add sugar, and cook cherry syrup on high heat.
  3. Add rum when the cherry and water become a bit like the sticky texture of the jam.
  4. After adding rum, turn off the heat with slightly stirring. Note: you can't cook it for too long after adding the wine, which will cause the alcohol to evaporate.
  5. Filter the cooked cherry syrup and put it in the refrigerator
  6. Chilled syrup is poured into a champagne glass
  7. Slowly pour champagne into the glass

The color of cherry champagne is veryrainbow24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载 fantasy rainbow24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载, and the colorful colors are perfect for summer.


★Glacial Pure- colorful drinks making video

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sunburst heart24PX  PNG ICO 图标下载Tips: The quality of the water will directly affect the taste of the drink.
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Hot summer